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I know that blood cells can pass through the smallest of capillaries, but I was wondering is it possible for stem cells to pass through the smallest of capillaries?

In other words, is it possible for a type of stem cell therapy where stem cells are injected into the vein in the arm for example and the stem cell would pass through into the tissue through a type of targeted therapy involving ultrasound or magnetic field.

Thank you very much , everyone

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What should ultrasound or magnetic fields help here? –  Chris Jul 10 at 5:41
yes they can.. unless of course if the stem cell is not very huge.. –  WYSIWYG Jul 10 at 11:58
Thank you for your answer, WYSIWYG. –  user46725 Jul 11 at 3:27
I am still wondering do the stem cells just simply diffuse through the walls of the capillaries? –  user46725 Jul 11 at 3:28
Thank you, chris for your comment. –  user46725 Jul 11 at 3:30
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