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I want to make a DIY bracelet to measure my ECG. All I need is the interbeat interval.

Can I design a bracelet on one arm only, with two electrodes slightly spaced from one another, and figure out the beat from the conduction timing differences down the arm?

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I am afraid you cannot build the classic ECG using only 1 hand.

Probably, you can measure HR - heart rate accordingly to pressure detection and similar sensors and from that you can simulate ECG by picture. Simulate I mean you cannot build any reliably ECG curve on the monitor, but can show some waves after every heart beat.

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I definitely want to stick with electrical activity for now-- it's proved more reliable than pressure or photoplesmograph sensors at the wrist. I'm curious whether you think it's possible to only extract the heart beat from 2 electrodes on a single wrist. We don't need the classic ECG waveform, only the heartbeat . – Jack Holleran Jul 16 '14 at 23:19

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