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I'm looking for a symptom, a word, if existed, to describe that when people do something, even one time only, they tend to do it again, with or without even notice they are doing it. P/S: Something that is different to the word "habit".
Thank you very much.

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Why doesn't habit or habitual suit? –  GriffinEvo Jul 16 at 7:37
sorry , I rephrased the question so it can be more understandable, habit is when you do something over and over again, i'm looking for the word to describe when people did something one time, they tend to do it again in the future. –  Xitrum Jul 16 at 7:39
When does doing something for the second, third, fourth... Nth time become habit? You might have better luck looking for such a word on English SE –  GriffinEvo Jul 16 at 7:43
This seems off topic here. You'd better ask on CognitiveScience or on English.SE –  Remi.b Jul 16 at 7:46
maybe "repeat" will suit your needs.. To repeat something that you did one time. :) But yes, this question is off topic here –  The Last Word Jul 16 at 8:34

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