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for a simulation I am developing I would like to know how the actin network in neurites is distributed.

Is actin confined to the periphery or is the whole neurite shaft containing actin with a rather constant density?

If you have any papers backing up the one or the other view don't hesitate to pass the link.

Thanks for answering.

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does this help? (neuraldevelopment.com/content/pdf/1749-8104-6-27.pdf) –  Bez Jul 22 at 17:48
on first sight this paper only gives a 2D distribution of actin over the whole neuron or? I would like to know what you would see if you cut a neurite and subsequently look "into" the cross section. Is the actin only found on the outer part of the cross section or evenly distributed across the circle? –  user3683367 Jul 22 at 18:01
Just look at papers doing confocal microscopy/imaging of actin with z-stacking (z refers to the axis) since thats the main approach people use for 3D imaging and people also use delta vision microscope with z-stacking and deconvolution. –  Bez Jul 22 at 18:13

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