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I observerd myself and I can identify two different types of "happines".

  1. First - called by me - After Pleasure :

    Occurs AFTER (and last long) long activity that require from me engagement focus and effort for example :

    • running 16KM
    • learning for an hour things that I think are worthwhile
    • reading book
    • generally any mental or physical activity
  2. Second - called by me - During Pleasure

    Occurs DURING (and last short time) activity that DON'T require any engagement, focus or effort, for example :

    • masturbation
    • eating sweets
    • eating tasty things in general
    • having hot bathing time
    • watching funny videos/TV

I wonder is there any scientific distinction between those two states of my body and mind. And assuming that endorphins are the hormones are responsible for the "oh-good" state, are different kind of endorphins are released while taking this 2 different activities (like studying for 1hour and masturbation) ?

Thanks for an answer in advance.

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What kind of difference? Concentration, type? Can you clarify this? –  Chris Aug 4 '14 at 20:45
@Chris I just suspect there is a difference between endorphins that are released during this 2 activities since the "oh-good" state is longer in the first one, and shorter in the second, because one is released after Activity, and second During activity. –  Paul Brewczynski Aug 4 '14 at 20:57

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