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Terrific Broth will result in a greater density of cells compared to LB but I have certainly seen it isn't as effective for the protein production of certain proteins compared to LB or defined media. I was curious what other limits and constraints exist with TB.

Migrated and derived from Quora

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I have used terrific broth to grow up transformed E. coli so they grow faster. Often people will conduct a transformation, screen the cells, and grow them up in broth for plasmid extraction. This growth would be for 12-16 hours. Instead a person could use terrific broth to grow up the cells and it would take may 6-8 hours for adequate cell density for plasmid extraction. If you are trying to express a protein then I would go with LB.

Also, I learned recently that terrific broth is also preferred over LB when needing to express proteins after transformation.

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