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  1. Are there any lectures available on Patch-Clamping?

  2. Were can I find a mathematical model of Patch-Clamp? (that can be easily implemented in matlab).

  3. I have found some step-by-step protocols on (Springer book site) but nothing to useful--I am setting up a new rig. Where can I find protocols that have worked and have been tested?

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"The Axon guide for electrophysiology & biophysics laboratory techniques" is a very good starting point, albeit a bit biased towards Axon instrumentation. The book used to be hosted and freely downloadable on the Axon Instruments website but since they have now been acquired I cannot seem to find an official link anymore. However many other websites still host it (I won't directly link to them, as I am not sure about the licence of the book. Anyway, again, it used to be available for free). –  nico Oct 3 '12 at 19:39

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