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I just saw this paper.

A Highly Efficient Molecular Cloning Platform that Utilises a Small Bacterial Toxin Gene

I was curious if anyone had experience with this cloning strategy using the IbsC toxin.

(edit), dd3 makes a good point in specifying this question. I'm particularly curious about the efficiency of the technique and what major downsides and false positives that may arise. Furthermore, how long does the protocol actually take?

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I don't, but when you ask if anyone has experience, what sort of questions would you like them to answer? For example, do you want to know how efficient it is compared to a particular cloning strategy? –  dd3 Mar 29 '13 at 22:08
I think you have a legitimate, good question, but since open ended questions are discouraged, you should revise it to be compatible with the format. What exactly is your question? What about our experience do you want to know? Is it just the efficiency and time? I would be happy to reopen/upvote once these are addressed. –  Superbest Dec 10 at 2:57