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I want to ask what is the reason that T315I type CML leukemia is currently untreatable. I have read quite a few papers in this subject. Why the current genetic oriented engineering drugs failed to stop the leukemia stem cell's expansion but can only slow the secondary leukemia stem cell's expansion? I found it to be utterly hopeless for a patient to be in such a position, as chemical therapy does not work well and radiation therapy can only target specific area. There are experimental drugs in the developmental stage but from what I know they are mostly unreliable.

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The T315l mutation of BCR/ABL gene produce the complete resistance of CML leukemia to all currently available BCR/ABL inhibitors.

There is a idea that is not yet tested for such patients - allogenic hematopoietic transplatation.

More information:

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While this helps, it does not answer my question. But thanks. – Bombyx mori Apr 28 '13 at 4:33

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