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I am trying to model the production and consumption of nutrients and waste at the bottom of the food chain in freshwater ecosystems.

I can only find broad information on the Internet and don't know where to look for the detail.

For example, if I want to know how much nitrogen a species of algae consumes per kilo per day, how much is converted into other substances (amino acids, for example), how much is stored in the cell body, and how much is returned to the water ... where do I get this information?

This is for modelling, and at the moment I'm not fussy about which species/habitats are being modelled. I'd very much appreciate being pointed to existing work on this. Someone somewhere has written a differential equation for algal blooms, decomposition, and subsequent oxygen exhaustion, or for pH dynamics, or self-shading.

And not just algae, I'm looking for similar information on primary consumers too.

I guess I'm looking for a mathematical answer. Do you have anything to get me started? Thanks.

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Ecological modeling literature is where I'd look - who has done this before ... or going into a well-funded graduate program might be a good way to go. ;) –  shigeta May 5 '13 at 14:17

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