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I read on the text book:

The characteristic of Dinemasporium are: superficial, cupulate to Discoid conidiomata with brown satae, Phialid conidiogenous cells that give rise to hyaline, oblong to Allantoids, and Aseptate conidia with an appendage at each end.

My question:

the phrase "oblong to Allantoids"; Is the word oblong valid for this context? if not, what other word would associate?

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Oblong is probably correct in this context, but "allantoids" should probably be "allantoid" to be the adjective form. It's describing translucent (hyaline), oval (oblong) to sausage-shaped (allantoid), undivided (aseptate) spore.

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Thank you, I should have referred to this link. – rusticmystic May 15 '13 at 4:19

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