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I was searching what are the animals I frequently saw in the north of Ethiopia. I took some bad quality pictures.

For me it looked like a large squirrel, local people called it a rat, and on the internet I find rock hyraxes are quite frequent in the region, but they appear not to have a long tail like the animals I saw, and they don't have the white lateral line

Mammal 1 Mammal 2

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It's definitely not a rock hyrax, it looks a lot like a ground squirrel. – Richard Smith-Unna May 23 '13 at 16:50

This looks like some sort of ground squirrel. Especially in the second picture, the posture is very characteristic of squirrels in general. The tail also looks very squirrel-like to my eyes. My best guess, without better pictures, is the Striped Ground Squirrel (Xerus erythropus).

See the images at:

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The Wikipedia picture isn't particularly good, but searching for Xerus erythropus on Google Images gives some results that look a whole lot like your squirrel. – Chinmay Kanchi May 24 '13 at 8:22

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