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Are there good texts to study the evolution, how it works, and how mutations and changes lead to evolution of the organism ?

And how does the information increase through the long time using mutations and other mechanisms?

Can you recommend specific texts?

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what level are you looking for; popular science for the general public, high school level, undergraduate, graduate in graphic design, graduate in evolutionary genetics? you say beginner but beginner at what level? – rg255 Jun 13 '13 at 7:41
having looked at your profile I see you are a high school student, I'd suggest heading towards Dawkins' popular science texts first, then Ridley's evolution for some finer detail. – rg255 Jun 13 '13 at 9:38

Books on my shelf right now (I'm an evolutionary genetics grad student)...

Entry level:

Evolution - Mark Ridley (not Matt Ridley)

A primer of ecological genetics - Connor & Hartl


Elements of evolutionary genetics - Charlesworth & Charlesworth


Principles of Population genetics - Hartl & Clark

Introduction to quantitative genetics - Falconer & Mackay

Further basic/popular-science books include R Dawkins' Selfish Gene/The Extended Phenotype/The Greatest Show on Earth and of course The Origin of Species by Darwin

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Adding to previous answers. For basic textbooks I've been happy with (earlier editions of):

EDIT: I should also mention the free pdf book Theoretical Evolutionary Genetics by Joe Felsenstein, with latest update from 2013. He uses it for a course in population gentics. So far, I have only browsed it myself. It is fairly math-heavy, but I thought that it could be of general interest.

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