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I'm looking for an inducer that strongly activates the androgen receptor, but not the glucocorticoid receptor that is not DEA regulated. I know that SARMS (Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators) are something of a hot topic in some corners of some fields, but I'm having some trouble in my laboratory finding one. My research necessitates the independent induction of AR (Androgen Receptor). Does anyone know how to go about this search or know of some chemical?

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Are you looking for literature? If so this is a recent review: Zhang et al. (2013) Deciphering the selective androgen receptor modulators paradigm. EXPERT OPINION ON DRUG DISCOVERY 8: 191-218 DOI: 10.1517/17460441.2013.741582 –  Alan Boyd Jul 1 '13 at 15:51
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