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I'm planning to order oligo, polymerase, nucleotide, buffer for my first diy PCR experiment (now I have nothing), so I have some questions.

  1. How and how long I can storage them? I have only a fridge that can freeze to -10 -> -20C.

  2. I see the size/concentration of polymerase is 400 units and 25 nmole of oligo. So what can I do with 25 nmole oligo and 400 units of polymerase? How many PCR experiment I can do with 400 units of polymerase, and how many PCR experiment I can do with 25 nmole of oligo?

  3. If I have a HPLC machine, can I reuse the polymerase by purify it after reaction?

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At -20 C, you can keep things around for a pretty long time. I'm not sure that years is a good idea, but at least months. – dd3 Jul 3 '13 at 0:47

The manufacturers of each component should have information available on their website regarding storage temperatures, along with recommended protocols on how much of each component to add to the PCR reaction. I would not try to reuse the polymerase, as depending on the kind you buy it may be a complex of proteins, and it may not be functional after purification. However, you're welcome to experiment all you want, it's your stuff!

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