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Are there any statistics available on how much energy organisms use for each biological functions (i.e. something similar to the line of "Bacteria spend X% of energy on information processing, Y% for tissue maintenance and Z% for locomotion. Mammals spend..."). I'm particularly interested on how much energy is spent on information processing.

I vaguely remember seeing such stats somewhere, but for the love of god I can't remember where...

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This is not a proper answer. Bear with me. I'm in a hurry; will edit the answer to a decent form when I find time.

From the abstract of this paper:

Of the 80% of oxygen consumption coupled to ATP synthesis, approximately 25-30% is used by protein synthesis, 19-28% by the Na+-K+-ATPase, 4-8% by the Ca2+-ATPase, 2-8% by the actinomyosin ATPase, 7-10% by gluconeogenesis, and 3% by ureagenesis, with mRNA synthesis and substrate cycling also making significant contributions.

Also check this out.

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