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How to distinguish those flowers of the forest outskirts: hawkweeds (Hieracium), hawksbeard (Crepis) and hawkbits (Leontodon)?

I am not asking about concrete species it should be extremely hard since they have hundreds forms, but what are observable differences between genus?

I have read wikis articles but still not sure that I could distinct those flowers in the field right way.

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It's quite hard to answer this question and the best would be to follow a flora, which I'll not just copy informations from to past here. So following are general observations subject to numerous exceptions.

Hieracium generally have lanceolate to oval leaves, not or little toothed, most hairy.

Crepis and Leontodon have generally Taraxacum-like leaves, that means, dentate to lobed.

Some Crepis have leafy stems (but some don't), while Leontodon always have their leaves concentrated to the base, forming a rosette.

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