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As with the massive variety of compounds that serve to protect plants against insect and animals, resulting in a wide range of poisons, antibiotics and other natural insecticides, allelopathic compounds are highly varied with different methods of action: some merely prevent germination while others are effectively herbicides. One example is Alliolaria ...


This has been tried and it sorta works. Algae in general seems to be inhibited by rotting barley straw in the water. There is also an observation (not universally accepted) that many plants in the water do not have as much algae. This post is from April 2011, so it seems pretty current.


A classic example is juglone from Black Walnut tree roots. This review from 1973 discusses juglone and allelopathy, inhibiting growth of other trees. This 1961 paper describes juglone's effects as able to sedate or at depress movement of Daphnia magna, leopard frogs, perch, catfish, goldfish, mice, rats and rabbits. That led to work testing juglone on cancer ...

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