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You can induce the lac operon by two things: Lactose (or more precisely Allolactose a metabolite of it) and lactose analogons which are not metabolized by the bacteria. Lactose induces the expression and is metabolized while IPTG is not a target of the $\beta$-Galactosidase and will give you a strong and permanent induction. Sucrose will not have any ...


Just reading the abstract, these enzymes recognize RNA:DNA heteroduplexes. These are unlikely to be encountered in vivo.


As populations expand, generation by generation, they will inevitably run into limits on resources. Not all individuals in a population are exactly alike as some will have traits that give them an advantage in survival. A change in any aspect of the environment can suddenly turn what had been just another variation or variant into either an ...


If I understand correctly, you are seeking option for polycistronic expression. Have you considered using T2A or P2A sequences? These come from virus and essentially break polypeptide into two parts, so-called self-cleaving peptide T2A. Real mechanism of its work is that ribosome stalls on the sequence and unable to create peptide bond, effectively ...

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