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Well, I checked your question about chlamydia and there is a way to check if someone has chlamydia from his blood. They take some blood and after they check if there is the Chlamydia bacteria. If they are not sure they simple do a NAAT test. The NAAT test will sure sow if there is chlamydia or something else.


This is UV-C radiation and light of this wavelength (which is emitted by low pressure mecury lamps) can indeed be used for disinfection purposes. The nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) has an absorption maximum for UVC radiation at 265nm, causing DNA/RNA damage. The radiation of the mercury lamps is only a little below, making them still quite effective (see the ...


My answer from the top of my head is that they will not be very effective at cleaning the water. One reason is that if the substances and organisms are harmful to the filter feeder as well, they will avoid eating them or they will die from them or have their health reduced. In either case they will be filtering less. Another reason is that if you use the ...


First of all the short and sweet definition of heterocyst are the specialized cells with homogeneous protoplast. Both the ends have thickenings called polar nodules. Polar nodules are provided with minute pores. Heterocyst help to fix the atmospheric nitrogen compounds. In some species of Nostoc like N.commune heterocysts function as resting pores. The ...

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