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It depends on the strain, but a lot of them are antibiotic resistant and have long latent stages. STIs are typically latent for a long time because transmission is relatively infrequent. The latency makes them hard to defeat because the immune system can't detect the disease until its too late. ...


The catalytic domain is roughly referring to the same part of the protein as an active site and may be used interchangeably in some circumstances: See here, where "catalytic domain" redirects to "active site." There is, however, a difference: From a free online medical dictionary: active site: the place on the surface of an enzyme where its ...


Bacteria effectively clone themselves so theoretically all clones are identical. However like every organism they're subject to Darwinian evolution so there's always a chance a random mutation happens. Since bacteria usually reproduce fast the rate of these mutations can happen fast resulting in the strain evolving to a (slightly) different strain.


In theory they're clones, but depending on the age of the strain(some strains are surprisingly old: ~40 years) there's variation inside strains. The reverse is also true. Bacteria from a single species are isolated twice and named different things by different labs and the mistake can take years to even find, much less correct.


I live in St. Louis, MO and get this in my bathtub over time, but not in my other sinks. I actually think @Christiaan is correct here, but with a few additional observations: I don't think it's bacteria. When dry, it's not slimy, nor does it grow back quickly when wiped away. It feels much more like a mineral deposit. It was no longer pink when using a ...


While I believe that it is possible to keep a bacterial culture viable while frozen in glycerol stock at around -20 °C, as attested to by WYSIWYG, it is important to note that your "typical household freezer" may not be suitable for such a purpose. This is because household freezers usually have an "auto-defrost" function. This makes it temporarily thaw ...

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