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Since I apparently don't have enough reputation to comment, I'll post this as an answer and let someone move it. Firstly, try to ensure that the order of the arguments are correct. You should be typing bowtie2 -f -x $TARGET -U $TARGET -S $TARGET.sam, since bowtie2 (as with many other programs) can be a bit picky about the argument order. Secondly, it's ...


Bioinformatics journals can deal perfectly with this type of papers. If you target a journal like Bioinformatics, then you can be as technical as you want (and you probably should). Biologists that read those journals will most likely understand the terminology. Even traditional experimental biology journals, like Nucleic Acids Research, now include a ...


Sequences that don't appear in a genome are called "nullomers". That article claims that there are no 10bp sequences that don't appear in the human genome, and 80 11bp sequences that don't, citing this paper.


As Chris mentioned in his comment, 'printing' DNA from scratch (i.e. synthesizing a long strand de novo) is expensive and difficult. Unfortunately, the process of GMO creation is not as simple as assembling a beautiful DNA sequence on the computer, printing it, and then inserting it into a cell. Here's a related question about de novo sequencing. Plant ...


Here a solution that does not require you to upload the files to the servers: You can graphically visualize DSSP and Stride at the Sequence Page at RCSB PDB: http://www.rcsb.org/pdb/explore/remediatedSequence.do?structureId=5P21&bionumber=1 "add annotation" -> Stride and look at the graphical comparison between DSSP and Stride.


This is an important topic in immunology, especially for vaccine development. MHC or HLA is a molecule expressed by some cells of the immune system which acts like a "catcher's mitt" and "presents" short snippets of protein to other immune cells. Other molecules act alongside MHC to provide co-signals which promote or suppress immune attack against the ...

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