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You have to understand how the integral proteins work. $Na^+$ channels are fast while $K^+$ channels are slow and long lasting in terms of conductance. $Na^+$ channels are voltage gated, via the S4 domain which is blocked by $Mg^{2+}$, while $K^+$ conductance is not voltage gated most of the time.


Short answer The activation kinetics of Na+ channels are faster than K+ channels. Background Voltage-dependent channel gating basically occurs through three possible states of the channel: open, closed and inactivated (Fig. 1). Fig. 1. Gating of a voltage-activated sodium channel. Source: Balseiro Institute. Basically, ion channels are protein pores in ...


The neuronal cell membrane is quite permeable to K+. Because the Na+,K+-ATPase pumps K+ inside of the cell, K+ tends to diffuse outward again, thereby taking positive charge outside the cell and making it negative inside (see Further Reading 1). This outward flow of K+ stops at a certain point, because the driving force of K+ diffusion out of the cell along ...


The short answer is NO. A shadow is strictly due to the blocking of sunlight, so the shadow of 2 equally non-transparent (i.e., same density of leaves, both have similar trunk diameter, etc.) trees on the same hillside in the same weather conditions would not have different temperature shadows. A plant's metabolism can and will affect the temperature ...

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