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If you aren't digesting prior to amplification, sure. Nothing in PCR cares about whether or not some other protein interacts with the site. There are thousands of restriction enzymes in nature. No one would ever be able to do PCR if you had to avoid every single potential restriction site.


Even though I am not sure I understand your question completely, I want to try to explain to you the genetic difference between humans and chimpanzees. I will work through your questions: We share 98.5% genes with chimps ,so there is about one percent difference .It means we can approximately differ from them by one base pair every hundred base pairs on ...


I would rather use the synthetic analogon IPTG for induction of genes behind a lac promoter, as they are not getting degraded (or at least much slower than lactose) and thus give a much stronger induction signal. You will need to test the optimal IPTG concentration, but as a starting point I would use and endconcentration of 1mM. If this is not optimal (to ...

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