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Isothermal DNA amplification technologies have been developed. You do not need thermal cycling to amplify DNA fragments by this method. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/17720718


Edited after clarifications in question, Let's start with normal functions of both enzymes. Helicases separates DNA strands while polymerase synthesize DNA strands as shown in the following figure. (Image Source: Wikimedia Commons) Watch this animation, it will clear your doubts about function. However, RNA polymerase does have both activities. In ...


You are trying to express the plasmid in C. elegans, so it should be a worm expression vector and promoter. Otherwise, it will be expressed in the host bacteria, but not in the worm, so you won't get the phenotype you're looking for. One thing you can do is add a bacterial origin of replication to the vector (if one isn't already present) so the bacteria ...

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