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Along with @shigeta's answer, I'd highly recommend Springer/Humana Press's series Methods in Molecular Biology, which started out as just a single collection of protocols (as I recall...) and is now a series of 1208 books, published between 1984 and 2015. There are a ton of protocols available online at places like Springer Protocols and Cold Spring Harbor ...


Molecular Cloning is updated and in its 4th edition. Every lab used to have it. Its comprehensive, but really no book could be complete.


A great place to start is Khan academy. It is free and very easy to understand. Also, another thing you could try would be Bob Jones Biology (books A&B). I don't know how much those cost in India. But, they explain things in great detail starting at the bottom and working upward. I will let you know that they have a strong Christian influence which ...


As @metacompactness said in the comments, the campbell (9th edition) is available and free in pdf online (here). Otherwise take advantage of free online resources such as khan academy. Online resources There are some very good online resources to get an introduction to biology. I think that online resources might have the drawback that they may miss the ...


This is a low price edition available in India on flipkart.com, it covers all topics extensively. It costs around ₹ 570. Biological Science (English) 3rd Edition by Taylor


Absolutely, the two I've had the most success are working with a radiolabeled and a fluorescently labeled version of the drug. Many drugs autofluoresce as well and this can be easily tracked. When it's labeled as mentioned above microscopy or a luminometer, spectrophomoter or a scintillation counter can evaluate fractions or whole cells, or purified ...


This is a tough topic, have a look at the following references and see, if they can help you: Structural modelling and dynamics of proteins for insights into drug interactions. Ligand entry pathways in the ligand binding domain of PPARγ receptor Pathway and mechanism of drug binding to G-protein-coupled receptors Molecular Dynamic Simulation and Inhibitor ...

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