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Culture of Animal Cells: A Manual of Basic Technique and Specialized Applications by Ian Freshney is the most popular book on the topic of animal cell culture. You can also refer to ATCC animal cell culture guide which also has information about media formulations.


I want to add a book to the list that may be easier for you since it takes it from the perspective of Physics: Finkelstein & Ptitsyn, Protein Physics, Academic Press (2002). ISBN 0-12-256781-1. It covers structure, thermodynamical processes in proteins, mechanism of folding, function, a bit of bioinformatics. It is designed as a master level course in ...


Given your background (not a biologist or chemist) you would probably find the introductory material in a biochemistry "lite" textbook more accessible/useful than a hardcore text for specialists. As a co-author of a biochemistry textbook, I can tell you that there are essentially three different classes, or types of texts. Comprehensive textbooks, of ...

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