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I can highly recommend Kandell's "Principles of neural science". I have not had any biology courses since highschool, but I was able to understand it well. It is really a book meant to teach. The style is beginner friendly, and not tedious/boring at all. It is an expensive buy and a very long read (I think the paper version is close to 2000 pages), but ...


I can suggest three books, none of them cover all those aspects, though: 1) The Foundations of Ethology, Konrad Lorenz. The best introduction I know for the field of ethology. Lorenz is called by some "the father of ethology". 2) Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, Edward Wilson. The deepest study of animal societies I know of. 3) Evolutionary Ecology, Eric ...


Along with @shigeta's answer, I'd highly recommend Springer/Humana Press's series Methods in Molecular Biology, which started out as just a single collection of protocols (as I recall...) and is now a series of 1208 books, published between 1984 and 2015. There are a ton of protocols available online at places like Springer Protocols and Cold Spring Harbor ...


Molecular Cloning is updated and in its 4th edition. Every lab used to have it. Its comprehensive, but really no book could be complete.

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