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The Bible of biology is the Alberts' Molecular Biology of the Cell: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK21054/ The Campbell is also pretty good and maybe easier to read..


You should check out Richard Dawkins' book The Greatest Show on Earth: The Evidence for Evolution It does focus heavily on evolution but it is an amazing book on biology in general. He covers a wide rage of other topics, from how birds flock so elegantly to dating fossils using dendrochronology. The chapter on embryology is fascinating.


While not a book per se, the edX Lifesciences course has been really useful for me, it does a great job of covering the entire pipeline of genome analysis that one would need to use. The link containing all 8 classes is here, scroll down a bit and you can see links to all of the classes in this module: ...


Elementary Sequence Analysis by Brian Golding and Dick Morton is a good starter. Online resources can be found here:http://helix.biology.mcmaster.ca/courses.html Here's a great online tutorial for sequencing techniques, with introduction, examples and everything. http://bioinf.comav.upv.es/courses/sequence_analysis/sequencing_technologies.html


Unix and Perl to the Rescue by Keith Bradnam and Ian Korf is an excellent introductory book and guide for bioinformatics (Linux and Perl) in genomics. It includes exercises and starts with the very fundamentals. You will still need some basic understanding of genetics and biology though.


Beginning Perl for Bioinformatics by Jim Tisdall http://shop.oreilly.com is quite good, in my opinion, and his sequel, Mastering Perl for Bioinformatics is also great. The focus is largely, but not exclusively genomics.

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