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There is no modern book of evolutionary biology that is not about the modern synthesis. So what you are looking for is just an introductory book to evolutionary biology. I think the 2 most common introductory textbook to evolutionary biology are: "Evolution: Making Sense of Life" by Carl Zimmer "Evolution" by Futuyma Note by the way that one can find ...


Robust texts covering such 4 listed points with rigour include the following selection: Molecular Biology of the Cell Molecular Cell Biology Cell Cycle Regulation The Cell Cycle Principles of Control. & even a review of the latter here. HTH


Start with "Cell Biology" by Gerald Karp (Wiley). You can then move onto "Molecular Biology of the Cell" by Bruce Alberts and Alexander Johnson (Garland Science).


The lifetime of Calcium can be considered infinite in biological time scales, it is not a real biomolecule. The half-life time of other biomolecules like IP3, PIP2, receptors, hormones, etc. is species-dependent and within the species strongly depending on the cell and its metabolic state. Short answer: There is no overview for lifetimes of biomolecules. It ...

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