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It looks very very suggestive for Artocarpus altilis or Breadfruit tree. Another variants - Artocarpus camansi.


It looks like the common Geranium sylvaticum (also called wood cranesbill or Mayflower), and it is at least a close relative (member of the Geranium genus). This plant is commonly found across Europe and in parts of Asia (see map below), and it is sometimes planted in gardens. It is a perennial herb that grows in many types of habitats (woods, meadows, road ...


My guess would be the meadow cranesbill (Geranium pratense), see this image (from here, more images are available there): The flower is quite common on meadows in europe, see here.


Judging by this image in wikipedia, I would say Theae folium is another name (probably a name in another language) for Camellia sinensis


Germination of the pollen tube begins when the pollen grain becomes hydrated on the tip of the stigma. The pollen grain absorbs water and also exchanges signals with the stigma. Microchannels form between the pollen grain and the tip of the stigma papillae and water is transferred from the stigma to the pollen grain (Taylor 1997). cAMP, which is produced by ...

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