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That molecule is called Geosmin. It is mainly produced 1 by Actinomycetes such as Streptomyces; filamentous bacteria that live in soil. Other organisms also produce geosmin: Cyanobacteria Certain fungi An amoeba called Vanella A liverwort It is an intracellular metabolite and cell damage is the primary reason attributed to its release. However oxidant ...


The tree in question belongs to the Araucariaceae family, There are multiple species of Genus Araucaria, I'd place Araucaria araucana on the first place, but there are multiple others: Araucaria araucana Araucaria luxurians Araucaria columnaris Araucaria subulata


You originally posted this question on the Garden and Landscaping Section - that's where I'm from, and though it was moved here instead, I'll answer it anyway: That image you've shown isn't like a photograph, its an impression of what the roots are like. Usual method of working out root patterns on plants is to remove what's known as a monolith, or a block ...

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