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Crossing or decussation is a lot more robust against wiring errors than their seemingly simpler same-sided wiring counterparts. See here for the research carried out to establish this and for more detail.


It is very likely what they mean by "neurotransmitters flooding the brain" is the phenomenon called Volume Transmission. I paraphrase from this source: When a neurotransmitter is released at a synapse, it reaches its highest concentration inside the narrow space of the synaptic cleft, but some of it is certain to diffuse away before being reabsorbed ...


Yes, they do. A blog post on the National Geographic website describes the results of a study about how blind people dream.(1) The participants who were born blind did not report any visual impressions. Among those who previously had sight, the number of visual impressions reported decreased with the time since loss of sight. Just as there are many ways ...


The cones and rods would not contain the images from our dreams. Visual scenes get transferred from the eye to the thalamus (which serves as a relay to the cortex) by optical fibers that are overwhelmingly uni-directional (information is carried from the eyes to the thalamus and not vice-versa). However, there is reason to believe that dreams create the ...


I have to add that the authors do not show any evidence for cell shrinkage. In fact, the word shrink is not mentioned even once in the article. Therefore the BBC article is not correct. To answer your question, all we know is that there is more fluid clearance; the authors do not show the mechanisms for this.

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