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An addition to previous answers plus some clarification The term respiration originally meant breathing i.e inhaling and exhaling (See here). It was believed that it is the oxygen and in turn the act of breathing is what lets an organism survive. After substantial research it had been found that, in individual cells it is the ATP production by ...


There are two uses of the term respiration: physiological respiration and cellular respiration Physiological respiration involves the intake of outside oxygen and its distribution to the tissues of the body. Breathing is a part of physiological respiration and functions to bring oxygen into the lungs and expel carbon dioxide. Cellular respiration is a ...


Breathing is a part of respiration but respiration is not a part of breathing. Breathing is a process through which oxygen is taken into the body for use in respiration. This involves physical movement to take oxygen (into the lungs) and also chemical action (haemoglobin-carries oxygen from lungs to blood and carbon dioxide from blood to lungs). But ...


To my limited knowledge, I believe respiration is the chemical process of the body converting glucose and oxygen into energy, whereas breathing is the physical process of inhaling oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide. Breathing is somewhat like an "external" respiration.

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