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There are two levels to take your question at. The first is simpler but I'm not sure if it is what you are looking for: If you imagine the heart and all the blood vessels in your body as a closed plumbing system with no leaks (not entirely accurate) then when the heart contracts and squeezes the blood from the ventricles the total surface area the blood is ...


I am afraid you cannot build the classic ECG using only 1 hand. Probably, you can measure HR - heart rate accordingly to pressure detection and similar sensors and from that you can simulate ECG by picture. Simulate I mean you cannot build any reliably ECG curve on the monitor, but can show some waves after every heart beat.


Pathological potassium concentration promotes arrhythmia. Increased extracellular potassium inactivates $Na^+$ channels and opens $K^+$ channels, causing the cells to become refractory [1]: Increased extracellular potassium levels result in depolarization of the membrane potentials of cells due to the increase in the equilibrium potential of potassium. ...

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