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You wouldn't normally apply the stimuli simultaneously. The idea is to apply stimulus1, which has a given amplitude and duration, and follow that with stimulus2, which also has a given amplitude and duration, after a variable lag. You'll then see that the effective refractory period is dependent on the amplitude of stimulus2 (at least until you hit the ...


As another answer suggested, it's a matter of choosing a database that has all of the leads. The St Petersburg INCART 12-lead Arrhythmia Database (incartdb) contains all 12 signals. Here is the directory. The tracings are available by selecting it from the drop-down menu on the page you linked.


I don't think that all leads are available. I looked at the Signals combobox for different databases. This combobox seems to be the list of all available leads. For example, take a look at iafdb (Intracardiac Atrial Fibrillation Database). It will plot you an ECG containing leads II, V1 and aVF and some other leads. Another example is the EEG database ...

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