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Nanodiscs are very powerful technology for membrane protein invented in Stephen Sligar's lab at the University of Illinois. A nanodisc is composed of a membrane protein, lipids and two monomers of a "scaffold protein". The most used scaffold protein is an N-terminal truncation of apolipoprotein A-1 (apoA-1), which is the primary protein component of ...


Sometimes SwissProt annotations come from direct experimental evidence, but this is rare. It depends on the entry, but more often than not the annotation will have been obtained by some kind of sequence analysis or prediction based on sequence similarity.


This has been studied by some of my labmates in Why is the biological hydrophobicity scale more accurate than earlier experimental hydrophobicity scales? I am not involved in their research, but here is the gist of the paper: Different scales are, as you say, developed based on different criteria. In particular, Eisenberg scale is one of the consensus ...

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