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There is a vast amount of knowledge regarding the composition and function of mitochondria. You might want to head to http://www.pubmed.com and search reviews on mitochondria and S.cerevisiae as keywords. You might also want to check sites such as http://www.mitoproteome.org/ that are dedicated to this kind of information.


100kg human = 1kg dna = 50g telomeres (where 100kgMice=1kgDNA=100gTelomeres), Human average telomeres are ~15KB, so we simply calculate 15000/100= 150bp = 1%, so we lose 1% of our telomeres per division. So humans' cells must have about 100 divisions per life time. Thus human Cells Divide on average (considering different tissue types differ in division ...


What may be confusing is that the myelin is wrapped around the membrane of the axon. The easiest way to see this is in cross-section: From here. The axon is indicated by #1 in the diagram and the myelin sheath is #4 The intracellular space (as represented by the horizontal resistors in the case of your model of the axon) is the fluid, replete with ...

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