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Yes. But it is incorrect to call mitochondria an organism now. Most of their genes were lost and are now encoded in the nuclear genome It gets most of its metabolites It is not known. See the other post for details. Why membrane: I guess you know that. Why folded: you guessed right. Only ovum donates mitochondria and other cytoplasmic factors. Sperm just ...


Technically any catalysed reaction with a high Km and high Vmax. Also happens in case of co-operative binding reactions. See the oxygen haemoglobin binding.


There are several, but I guess the most well known is the neuron action potential, where the concentrations of Na+, K+, and Cl- ions determine the membrane potential of the cell. When the potential reaches a certain level, it triggers the action potential. You can read about this in much more detail on wikipedia, ...


The original figure that Danielli and Davson proposed looks like this (from the original publication): It shows the phospholipid bilayer of the membrane (which is correct) embedded between two layers of globular proteins. The hydrophobic tails of the lipids are orientated towards each other, while the hydrophilic heads are oriented to the outside. ...

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