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Yes, it is possible, but not necessarily the case. Non-green leaves with chlorophyl: There are leaves that don't appear green, but do have chlorophyl and therefore can conduct photosynthesis. (See, for instance, refraction effects in white caladiums or the link in the answer by Resonating). Non-green leaves without chlorophyl: There are leaves that don't ...


All photosynthesis reaction does need chlorophyll,even in cyanobacteria and algae the difference is the type of chlorophyll ( which depends on available wavelength of light and energy efficiency ) fully parasite plants on the other hand doesn't contain chlorophyll and this force them to live as parasites ( keep in mind that we do have half parasitic plants ...


Parasitic plants such as Orobanche lack chlorophyll and cannot photosynthesize. They obtain all of their energy from paratising another organism.


They do have chlorophyll, at least in general. There are a couple very rare exceptions, but if it can stand up on its own, it contains chlorophyll. The green is just washed out by a very bright red pigment.

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