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Start and stop codons are instructions for the ribosome to start and stop protein synthesis, respectively. The region between the start and stop codon (inclusive of them) is called ORF (open reading frame) or sometimes CDS (Coding sequence). Why does ribosome need explicit instructions for start and stop? Ribosome recognizes an RNA as a mRNA if it has ...


Next to helping to define the region for translation on the mRNA, the stop codon also prevents transcripts that have been frame-shifted by a mutation from translating into big proteins, and also helps flagging the mRNA for destruction (nonsense-mediated RNA decay). This is because in random sequence, a codon has 3/64 chance of being a stop codon, so in a ...


It is important to have start and stop codons so that the molecular machinery of the cell (ribosome etc.) "know" where the actual transcript starts and ends. This is especially important, since mature mRNA contains untranslated regions which are of regulatory importance. These regions occur on both sides of the coding sequence called 5' and 3'UTR ...


Not all the RNA is to be translated into proteins. Actually most of it is for regulation and sometimes unknown use. There are non coding regions before the start codon and after the stop codon. Hence the need for both.

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