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The LD 50 listed on the wikipedia page you link to is 90 mL/kg, which would be about 6 liters for a 68 kg (150 lb) person. This is consistent with at least one report, where someone died from drinking 7 liters of water in 1.5 hours. The mechanism by which water kills people is by lowering the amount of ions (chiefly sodium) in the blood. A condition called ...


I refer the honorable gentlemen to James Harriet. He reports discovering by accident by ending the pain he was in some cases able to reverse the pathology by ending the pain with anesthetic drugs, thus allowing the body's natural healing abilities to take over. He first discovered it in a sheep by accident (insufficient dose to put it down) and later used ...


At room temperature, Nail bed . It's not about survival. Those cells have a low growth rate. Other cells in bones may 'live' longer but harvesting bone marrow in decaying animals has not been done. If you freeze cells, they can last decades.

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