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There are two important points here: The adult phase is defined as the phase during which reproduction occurs. It is therefore impossible for reproduction not to occur during the adult phase as you would immediately call this phase the adult phase. Because of this purely semantic issue (nothing to do with biology) the answer to your question is necessarily ...


First, I find this too broad, speculative and opinion-based to be suitable for the SE format. You mention a huge number of processes, which will also interact with eachother. However, taking a general view, life span and generation time can definitely be increased. Changes in temperature and nutrition will often change the metabolic rates and growth rate ...


Short answer: Changing something (instead of everything) yes. There are several studies on the impact of environmental factors on life span. Of course it depends from organism to organism. Diet restriction for example has been shown to extend life span of worms and mice. Temperature is also working well, at least with microorganisms, the metabolism of ...


The structure you are relating to is a seam (suture). This seam is formed during development of a carpel. The indentation of the seam varies and depends on the climate and environment: for example, water stress will give a very deep suture -

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