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There's not much difference between them. The same enzyme and condition can be used whether the template is circular or linear. You can amplify plasmids, but PCR intrinsically generates linear DNA fragments even if you use circular DNAs.


Actually, when DNA replicate in cell, there is primer exists. DNA polymerase only can add deoxyribonucleotide (dNTP) to the 3’end of a growing DNA chain, instead of creating a new strand. Here is the picture for DNA replication in legging strand, but is same principal use in leading strand. Primer is synthesized by primase in replication. It is also worth ...


The replication fork itself is always asymmetric. This is true for all organisms and is due to the fact that DNA polymerases can only add nucleic acids to the 3'-OH end of DNA. This leads to different mechanisms for the replication of the so called leading and lagging strands. You can find more details on wikipedia ...

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