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Saliva buffer usualy provides stability at RT for month or even years. Genotyping companies like 23&me use collection kits like Norgen's (https://norgenbiotek.com/product/saliva-dna-collection-preservation-and-isolation-kit) which allows to store the sample up to 5 years. So my advice would be: get the spitting vial at your place, send it as regular ...


I think the problem is more that the software has a hard time identifying individual clusters if way more than a quarter of them are lighting up for a given base. If you have more diversity in the first few cycles, when the cluster coordinates are being identified, I think this is less of a problem.


The Biopython 1.65 ABI parser should expose the chromatogram data, as of Biopython 1.66 it should expose everything.


Unfortunately, it does depend on sequencing techniques. For example, in Illumina sequencing, each sequence fragment is amplified (in order to get a stronger signal) and forms a cluster on the microarray. Each cluster is sequenced by cycles of: Adding fluorescent terminator nucleotides. These nucleotides are modified to contain an inhibiting/terminating ...


The public effort, led by Collins, relied on a physical map of each chromosome. Very large pieces of genomic DNA were sub cloned into cloning vectors and used to create genomic libraries in cosmids, BACs and YACs. The sub clones are ordered using hybridization probes from either known genes, or RFLP genetic markers. In this way a physical map of each ...


First of all, the reference genome strand specificity is referred to as sense (positive strand) or antisense (negative strand). Here's a somewhat incorrect note from the wiki article under sense (molecular biology) The strand names actually depend on which direction you are writing the sequence that contains the information for proteins (the "sense" ...

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