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Remi.b's answer is an excellent one, and this should be taken as a supplement to it: It's possible your simulation is correct The Lotka-Volterra equations are what is known as a deterministic model, and it describes the behavior of predator-prey systems (in a somewhat simplified fashion) in large populations. Small populations are subject to what is known ...


Cypress swamps are an example of tree like plants in lakes. There is even a lake in Louisiana called Cypress Lake


The question of 'why are there no/few aquatic trees' can be approached in two ways. 1) Why are land trees tall? 2) Is it harder to be tall in a lake? Land trees are tall to shade competitors and spread their seeds and fruits. To get tall, they need extensive root structures to anchor and provide enough water to the trunk. If there are no competitors to ...


Bez is correct, biotic and abiotic refer to the nature of the agent performing the stress. biotic = living thing (lion that is actively engaging in catching you as food) abiotic = non-animated (far from optimal temperature) Now the example "shade" is trickier; because it depends on the perspective you choose. There's always a context. Does the element ...

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