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Mesenchyme is the meshwork of embryonic connective tissue in the mesoderm; from it are formed the connective tissues of the body as well as blood vessels and lymph vessels. So it's a part of mesoderm


The terminology can be confusing, and I suspect the question you meant to ask was: what is the difference between the neural tube and dorsal nerve cord? In vertebrates, the neural tube and the dorsal nerve cord are two names for the same structure. It develops into the brain and spinal cord. Neurulation occurs during the early embryogenesis of ...


The neural tube (Fig. 1) is the embryo's precursor to the central nervous system, which comprises the brain and spinal cord. Its structure can be described in standard anatomical terms of location and their respective axes. The dorsal - ventral axis (back to abdominal side) can be visualized by dissecting the neural tube transversely (Fig. 2). This axis is ...

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