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Males have more muscle mass,so they require more blood.Also females undergo menstrution so they lose more red blood cells.


Welcome to Biology.SE The question suggests that you have important lack of knowledge in Biology (which is fine). It will be impossible to explain everything in a post. I therefore just provide a short answer and redirect you to some source of knowledge that will be necessary to read for you to really be able to understand the basis of molecular biology and ...


Oxytocin is produced by cleavage of the protein of the oxytocin/neurophysin I prepropeptide gene. The precursor peptide is cleaved by Proprotein-Convertase 1 . Mice lacking the gene which encodes for this enzyme have reduced levels of oxytocin. The final step in the biosynthesis of oxytocin is carried out by Peptidyl glycine alpha-amidating mono-oxygenase.


Good article, please allow me to comment: Both hormones cortisol and glucagon are insulin-antagonistic (=anti-insulin hormones). Glucagon differs from cortisol because it is a peptide hormone and cannot cross cell membrane. It must be injected like insulin. Glucagon is released from α-Langerhans cells in the pancreas during the acute stage of hypoglycemia ...

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