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From this video demonstration in caltech, you can clearly see that Drosophila can fly forwards as well as backwards using high fps video image capture and it even does unexpected behaviours in times of perceived danger/threat.


Looks like a green bottle fly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Green_bottle_fly Might be a Common Green bottle fly. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Common_green_bottle_fly


In larvae stage Ladybird beetles secretes yellow gooey alkaloids from its abdomen. Ladybird beetles oozes hemolymph(in other word its blood), which is toxic and very smelly, when threatened. It's a mixture of various alkaloids and repulse the predators. Good Job, There might be no picture more clearer than you provided source: [1]: Ladybird defence ...


Both the Forewing as well as the Hindwing of Butterflies are made of thin chitin structures which are pretty thin and sensitive. If you touch the wing with to much force, it may break. Then the upper side of the butterfly wing is covered with small scales - what you called the "dust". This can be seen in this figure (from here): and also in this electron ...


Yes, it's a male. Source: http://bugmugs.org/2012/08/cicada-killer-pair/ Update: Wasps are in general very territorial. Even a paper bag can scare them as they take it as enemy hive. More on this: Do fake wasp nests actually fool wasps? Where does this guy go at night? Wasps are known to be lazy(less active) at night. Probably they go to the ...


Reason for Migrating Birds: Migrating for a Meal Food scarcity: If birds will stay and eat all the bees they find, there will be no bees to feed on for the next generation. So, they fly away to take advantage of these places where there is abundance of food. And when the insects or replenish they come back. Migrating for Family Flocks of bird can be easy ...


It might be pretty straightforward. Common window/mirror glass is opaque to UV, so as far as the fly is concerned mirrors are just translucent surfaces. This of course leads to the question of why flies can't see window glass. Maybe the large amount of light passing through at visible frequencies makes it look like a tinted fog to the housefly? Maybe ...


As far as getting inside, they are small, and they can get in through openings you don't notice, or just sneak in when you open the door.


Wasps are extremely territorial creatures. They also have great sight. Wasp colonies will send out foragers and scouts to look for uninhabited areas with food in which they can build a nest. Because wasps are so fiercely territorial, a scout wasp will generally stay away from an area with another colony already in it. Because of this fact fake wasps nest ...

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