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E.coli strains that have dam or dcm methylases can methylate plasmid at adenines or cytosines respectively. See here — It is a NEB web page but has links to the cited references. DH5α has both the methylases- dam+ dcm+ , BL21 is dam+ dcm− and ET12567 is dam− dcm−


Vision deteriorates for both reasons, but I'm not quite sure how to separate the effects of aging from wear and tear. Cataracts are the leading cause of blindness in the world. Ways in which environment (which falls under the category of wear and tear in my book) affects cataract formation: UV light: people living at high altitudes (e.g. Tibet) have ...


In most tissues, close to 100% of DNA methylation occurs at CpG sites. This provides a straightforward mechanism for epigenetic inheritance. Since C and G are complementary, both strands have the CpG site at the same locus and methylation is either present on both strands or on neither. During replication, each daughter DNA molecule inherits a parent strand ...

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