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Birds can easily cover enough distance flying that they can avoid short showers entirely by not sitting right below clouds, unless they have an actual reason to stick around. Birds move around a lot more than we do.


I can suggest three books, none of them cover all those aspects, though: 1) The Foundations of Ethology, Konrad Lorenz. The best introduction I know for the field of ethology. Lorenz is called by some "the father of ethology". 2) Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, Edward Wilson. The deepest study of animal societies I know of. 3) Evolutionary Ecology, Eric ...


The winter moth's preferred host plants are mainly deciduous trees, oak being the main food plant and also many fruit trees, birch and hazel. Females generally deposit eggs in bark crevices, under bark scales, bark snags and under lichen along tree trunks of host species. Eggs are initially small and green but gradually change colour to orange and then red ...


It was moistening its respiratory and osmoregulatory organs: Woodlice as all other terrestrial arthropods face the major challenge of preserving water balance. In their case the two systems that immediately suffer from desiccation are osmoregulation itself and respiration. In woodlice these two functions are carried out mostly by the pleopods: modified ...

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