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Cant be very sure about ravens but the maximum recorded flight duration is of Alpine Swift — 6 months. Pigeons can fly up to 1800km in a long flight. From this article: In the United States, the longest pigeon races involve flights of 1800 km and, because substantial financial rewards accrue to the owner of the fastest pigeon, there is severe ...


Obviously, as you point out, some birds, such as waterbirds (ducks, puffins, auks, sandpipers) are perfectly fine in the rain, as they spend much of their time in the water anyhow and have oil glands that waterproof their feathers. For other birds, rain can increase heat loss. For instance, rain increases metabolism by up to 22% in eagles (Stalmaster & ...


Birds can easily cover enough distance flying that they can avoid short showers entirely by not sitting right below clouds, unless they have an actual reason to stick around. Birds move around a lot more than we do.


I can suggest three books, none of them cover all those aspects, though: 1) The Foundations of Ethology, Konrad Lorenz. The best introduction I know for the field of ethology. Lorenz is called by some "the father of ethology". 2) Sociobiology: The New Synthesis, Edward Wilson. The deepest study of animal societies I know of. 3) Evolutionary Ecology, Eric ...

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