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If the gene is supposed to be well conserved then you can use the sequence from the related species. For protein coding genes target the ISH probe to the coding region which is more likely to be conserved. What you can also do subsequently is to: amplify the CDS do 3' and 5' RACE Clone in a plasmid (do a blunt end or TA cloning) Sequence the insert ...


It looks like you're very stringently avoiding $^1\mathrm{H}$. You may want to consider replica plating your transformations onto $\mathrm{D}_2\mathrm{O}$ plates (selecting for $\mathrm{D}_2\mathrm{O}$ tolerance earlier.) I assume you're doing protein NMR and want "triple labeling." Depending on how specific your carbon labelling is, you may want to grow ...

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