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The magnification by the lens of the eye is well understood. This document, written by Dr. Glenn Chapman at Simon Frasier University in British Columbia, Canada, lays out some of the technical details. The image below is taken from that document. I modified it slightly by enlarging the $s$ and $s'$ variables because they are important for this answer. ...


But octopus do not have fovea - so no more keen vision! They may have more photoreceptors , but they have no more complex brains than humans - the brain behind the eye is more important than eye itself.


Your eye doesn't play a part in your dream aside from giving you the basic images which your brain later used to form the dream. The visual image in your dream comes from your brain itself.


Glutamate release from photoreceptors is inhibited by incident photons (ref). During photobleaching, assume that the effect of an incident photon drops to zero. The implication then is that if all light is removed subsequent to selective photobleaching, there will be no difference in activation between bleached photoreceptors and unbleached photoreceptors. ...

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