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Fat is, in molecular terms, triacylglcerol. In order to be absorbed in the small intestine triacylglycerol molecules are broken down by lipases into fatty acids and monoacylglycerols. Once these have got across the enterocyte membrane they are reassembled into triacylglycerols and packed up into a special class of lipoprotein particle, a chylomicron, which ...


I think this question can also be said to be - how can the Atkins diet work? Atkins and other low carbohydrate diets sound counterintuitive. They vary in details, but the basic theme is: cut back on carbohydrates - e.g. bread, sugar, fruit, pasta, milk etc etc. But eat as much fat and protein as you like - e.g. steak, ham, bacon, eggs, cheese etc etc. ...

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