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I don't think bleach can denature RNA. Bleach is an oxidizing agent and it will damage the RNA. Also, the protocol mentions addition of hypochlorite before heating which I think is illogical because heat will decompose it. For testing RNA integrity you need not make a denaturing gel. What you can instead do is to heat the RNA with the 2xRNA loading buffer ...


You want to dilute concentrations to 1x, therefore a 1:6 ratio for dye:reaction.


Since its 6x (6 times concentrated), you have to dilute it 1:6, so you add 1ul of 6x dye for every 5ul of reaction. 5 +1=6ul final volume 6ul final volume / 6x concentrated = 1x working concentration Now the dye is diluted down to a 1x(working) strength.

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