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The loading buffer you add to your samples for gel electrophoresis has a few different purposes, but the exact amount does not really matter. The purpose of the loading buffer is to make the sample heavier so it is easy to get into the pocket and stays there to visualize how far the gel has run to denature the sample (only for denaturing gels) Sample ...


When using small sample volumes, it is advisable to use water to increase the volume and make handling and mixing with loading dye easier. For example, you may mix 2 uL of your sample with 1 uL 6X loading dye and 3 uL water for a final volume of 6 uL.


I normally use 1-2 ul (depending on whether my gut tells me I have a lot of DNA, or a little that day) in a 70 ml 1% gel (which is probably 60-65 ml after boiling in the microwave). I have no trouble whatsoever seeing ladders and DNA samples of down to 100 ug in wells not much bigger than about 4 mm. Here are the factors that you can manipulate to alter the ...

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