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If you don't want acrylamide in your preparation, don't use it, as you will always have some carry-over in the solution. And you will not get rid of it completely, as it at least partly co-precipitated with the nucleic acids (it's used as a co-precipitation agent for this purpose). I think the best solution is to use chromatography, either size-exclusion ...


I'm not quite sure what you are doing. Are you running the whole gel each time and cutting off the lanes you've used, or only putting the lanes you desire into the tank and leaving the rest outside? If the former then the ethidium bromide will be leaching out of the gel because it is positively charged so each time you apply a current to it some of it ...


If you can see sample DNA, but not your DNA weight marker than the problem is in the marker. If it has been used a few times it may well be contaminated and degraded. I would suggest to check your marker and run a gel with your old marker and with a new freshly opened/prepared batch of marker DNA. Take care not to cross-contaminate the vials. If the new ...


Possibly You don't mix ladder containing microtube by Sampler. You should slowly Fill and emptying Sampler for several times when pick it for use, mix it well, but do it without creating a bubble.one more thing, check your ladder by "NanoDrop"

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