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A few years ago plant scientists introduced a protein (afa3)in tomato from Winter Flounder, a type of fish surviving freezing conditions. The idea was to make a frost resistant tomato but I believe they did not have much success. Anti-GMO activists had a field day however with baseless claims of making tomato's smell like fish and other nonesense.


One example that I am aware of where an animal transgene was put into a plant was to produce the ZMapp, a chimeric, monoclonal antibody against the Ebola virus. This is a wikipedia article on ZMapp, that gives you an idea of the process. Other than this, I am not all that familiar with plant transgenics, other than Round Up resistance genes that were ...


Can't ORFS be of any size? I think the point being made is that in a random sequence of 64 amino acids, on average 3 out of 64 should be stop codons, because there are three possible nucleotide sequences for stop codons (UAA, UAG, UGA). ORFs could theoretically be any size but the longer the sequence the more likely you are to come across a stop codon ...

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