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Even simpler: If you are lucky and your target Gastropoda is in Ensembl ( you can just introduce the gene ID and see if it has any paralogs. A lot of other info is available for each gene.


The simple way to do this is to use blast to search the genomes your interested in for sequences similar to your gene. If there's another copy it'll turn up in the blast results (so will orthologous genes - but they'll have lower scores than an actual copy). That relies on the annotation and genome being correct, of course.


So the term allele is a broad one, and simply refers to the different versions of any piece of DNA in circulation in the gene pool - it doesn't need to refer to a gene. I can talk about the alleles at a random place in the genome. But if we proceed with your question and ask - 'do nonsense mutations within coding genes also lead to the creation of different ...


Allele is just a variant form of gene: independent of the final product of protein, so nonsense will also lead to new allele. I will quote Nature Scitable here: Alleles can also refer to minor DNA sequence variations between alleles that do not necessarily influence the gene's phenotype.

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