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[I'm sure we have a skilled microbiologist somewhere here, so he would correct my answer.] The necessity to designate gene locations in classical bacterial model species predated the genomic era, so traditional maps were normally neither bound to origin of replication, nor were they necessarily expressed in base-pairs. In E. coli, for example the ...


Here I will assume we are talking about eukaryotic sequence specific transcription factors (ssTFs) and try to answer your first and part of the second question. There is in any case not definitive answer yet. An estimate of ssTFs genes in humans is given in the 2009 Nature Reviews Genetics paper by Vaquerizas, JM et al, A census of human transcription ...


For sequencing a few samples, custom pulldowns are often more expensive than doing whole genome shotguns. For a few samples, the most inexpensive platform I've seen is mybaits mycroarray. My academic lab did a really cheap approach of biotinylating BAC or fosmid DNA covering a region.

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