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One at a time, you could potentially label all of them. If you're asking how many proteins you could label at once, your biggest limitation is probably your microscope. In order to distinguish between different types of proteins you need different color fluorescent labels (dyes, fluorescent proteins, etc). Even the fanciest fluorescent microscopes tend to ...


There are couple of them. First if you want to sequence analysis basic packages are : http://www.bioconductor.org/help/workflows/high-throughput-sequencing/ Also, Maqweb seems promising. http://maqweb.sourceforge.net


IMO irrespective of country and level (undergrad/Masters), if you can run a job on a High Performance Computing cluster or a supercomputer, you should mention that on your resume. And sure, you can use that in your statement, especially given the fact that not many have access to it, you had the rare opportunity and made full use of it. In my experience, I ...

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