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Misophonia Misophonia is a relatively unexplored chronic condition in which a person experiences autonomic arousal (analogous to an involuntary “fight-or-flight” response) to certain innocuous or repetitive sounds such as chewing, pen clicking, and lip smacking. Misophonics report anxiety, panic, and rage when exposed to trigger sounds, compromising their ...


Yes, they can. Here are a couple pics I found of foxes moving their ears independently: This is something all canids can do (1)(2) Btw, I can move my ears independantly. It's all in the finding the right muscles.


intuitively, I would say that small creatures are not seen easily. therefore they need audible lighthouses to signal to others their location big creatures don't usually have this need, though some do such as whales which can emit sounds heard hundreds of kilometers away


The Cicada A careful study of the noise-making apparatus of the cicada can be found in a 1994 paper by Young and Bennet-Clark.$^1$ The authors generated sounds at about 0-16 kHz at peaks on the order of 100 dB using cicadas in various stages of deconstruction. The cicada uses a resonant organ-system called the tymbal which buckles and unbuckles rapidly to ...

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