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The "purest of all blood" is fresh out of the bone marrow, i.e. in your circulatory system. Menstrual blood is a combination of blood, some mucous, and dead endometrial tissue. The endometrium consists of a single layer of columnar epithelium resting on the stroma, a layer of connective tissue that varies in thickness according to hormonal influences. ...


If red blood cells have no A or B antigen on its surface it means it O blood group.it is said Universal donor bcz no antigen antibody reaction take place the reason is that it has no antigen for any antibody


This is because the Group A or Group B recipient's plasma contain soluble A or soluble B (antigen not bound to red cell surface). These free antigens will bind to the antibodies from the donors and prevent it to react on the red cell surface antigen A or B. The other thing is usually universal O should be low titer Anti-A or Anti-B.

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