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In immunology, determinant is another name for epitope (the portion of an antigen recognized by a BCR/Ab or TCR).


Blood group A expresses A antigens and anti-B antibodies etc etc, see the next figure: Taken from the wikipedia entry on blood groups.


So it turns out it can occur. It's called Hemolytic Disease of the Newborn (ABO), and according to the article (the relevant citations are a book and some journals to which I do not have access), it is very rare, and severe cases are even more rare. Apparently anti-A and anti-B antibodies are typically of the IgM isotype, which cannot cross the placental ...


Bernoulli's principle can be a little tricky when applied to the cardiovascular system, but it still holds true across the entire system. You mention a good point that the relationship doesn't seem quite right at the aorta or arteries, because of the constant fluctuation of pressure between systolic and diastolic without a significant change in diameter of ...

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